Hi there! I'm Susan Crandall

I am an ally to your dreams. That is my life’s purpose.

I am an ally to your desires, to help you curate the life that you want.  

I have lived in self doubt, not feeling like I was good enough. But most of that was from my social conditioning, who I was surrounded by, and ultimately the thoughts that kept me there. 

When I began letting go of old relationships and old patterns of behavior, it really sunk in. Who am I? What do I want? 

That led me to my first life coach. I’ve hired a few since then, but always the work was for me to do. I had to uncover what was holding me back, from me. No excuses, no pointing the finger. Just deep dive work that all turned inward.

I will teach you the tools to create a career, business, or relationship you want, all while living authentic to who you are and what fits your desires, not what social conditions have forced you to think you need to be.